Our Food

Known over the years as a place for fine food, fine spirits, and fine friends, our establishment's decor is most interesting. Early American primitive artifacts and antiques decorate the walls. These delightful pieces from New Orleans and Louisiana lend such a wonderful atmosphere that you will not forget your visit. We hope you enjoy this unique dining experience at Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen in the "House of the Rising Sun"!

We do our best to make your dining experience fun and exciting. Please let us know how you like your meals prepared, as we try to cook each meal to order. Should you have any specific food allergies, please let your server know of your needs. We cook without butter and rarely use salts in our cooking, however the flavor in our dishes is like taking your mouth on vacation! Cajun cooking is full of herbs and seasonings but it is always a pleasant experience.

When it comes to blackening (a bit of cajun trivia), David's uncle, Chef Paul Prudhomme, was the first to ever blacken a piece of meat. Neither Southerners or Cajuns had tried this type of cooking before. Paul came up with this method in 1972. His recipes went around the world in a flash! At Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen we blacken our meats with specialty seasoning blends.